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But when researchers examined each person individually, a different pattern emerged. For others, the opposite was true, the team reports June 6 in Cell Metabolism. The results are part of a growing body of evidence that nutrition advice should be personalized. Already a subscriber?

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Можно ли выселить алкаша из приватизированной квартиры?

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Skip to main content. Current Issue. All News. Sort by Published at Most Viewed. June 24, Gut microbes might help elite athletes boost their physical performance. The highest-energy photons ever seen hail from the Crab Nebula. New approaches may help solve the Lyme disease diagnosis dilemma. June 23, Society Update. Recent articles from Science News for Students. June 21, Lost wallets are more likely to be returned if they hold cash. June 20, News in Brief.

Conversations with Maya: Moon Duchin. DNA confirms a weird Greenland whale was a narwhal-beluga hybrid.

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Cold War—era spy satellite images show Himalayan glaciers are melting fast. June 19, Conversations with Maya: Thomas Rosenbaum.

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This body-on-a-chip mimics how organs and cancer cells react to drugs. How seafood shells could help solve the plastic waste problem.

Могут ли выселить из приватизированной квартиры?

For Daily Use. A computer model explains how to make perfectly smooth crepes.

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  • June 18, Female rats face sex bias too. Hyenas roamed the Arctic during the last ice age.

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    Norovirus close-ups might help fight stomach flu. June 17, Diamond detectors could aid the search for dark matter. Letters to the Editor. Readers boggled by black hole behemoth. The latest stories from Science News for Students.

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    Is a long-dormant Russian volcano waking up? June 14, Massive superflares have been seen erupting from stars like the sun. Growth Curve. June 13, Some Canadian lakes still store DDT in their mud.

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    The National Weather Service has launched its new U. June 12, People may have smoked marijuana in rituals 2, years ago in western China.

    Bats are the main cause of rare rabies deaths in the U. Astronomers may have spotted the ghost galaxy that hit the Milky Way long ago. Extra fingers, often seen as useless, can offer major dexterity advantages.

    June 11, These knotted cords may hide the first evidence that the Incas collected taxes. June 10, Nutrition ,.

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  • Tina Hesman Saey. This article is only available to Science News subscribers. From the Nature Index Paid Content.